Local 1181 is the largest local in the United States for the Amalgamated Transit Union.
It represents Drivers, Escorts, and Mechanics in New York City, Westchester County and Long Island.



Organizing is one of the key elements to the growth of a strong union. Belonging to a union at your workplace can mean significant improvements in your wages and working conditions which ultimately benefit both you and your family. When you choose to join ATU Local 1181-1061, you are supported by a union with a 73 year history of success in both organizing and negotiating labor agreements throughout the Tri-State area.

There are many good reasons to join ATU Local 1181-1061; good wages and benefits may be the most obvious, but a Union contract also means having a protected voice in the workplace, being treated with dignity and respect, good working conditions, and a defined procedure to address grievances.

To learn more about what Local 1181-1061 can do for you, contact our organizing team by calling 718-425-1301

Our Organizing Team:

  • Ernie Maione, Chief Organizer/Executive Board Member/Delegate
  • Nicko Hedge
  • Anthony Lobosco
  • Mark Peay
  • Edward Rojas
  • Mario Jean