NY Welfare Fund – Dental

It has been brought to Division 1181 A.T.U. New York Welfare Fund’s (Fund) attention that some
members were having difficulties finding a provider for our Dental benefit through DDS Inc.,

To Find a Dental Provider

• Click on DDS Link to Provider Look Up
• Where it says” Your Union Number” enter 1181
• Then type your Zip Code
• The Dentist Name, Your Address, City, State and Select Specialty are all Optional
• However, in the Search Doctors within drop down menu, you should select the mileage range
you want
• Click the Search Provider arrow

Please note: Providers can change at any time; therefore, you should call and verify with the provider
you choose, that they are still in the network. DDS Inc., will continue to
update their provider list. If you still have an issue locating a provider in your area, you can call directly
to DDS, Inc., at (800) 255-5681.